Capital World

A fully immersive installation combing built set, props, performance and participatory games.

Growing up in Tamworth, Staffordshire, many of Sam's relatives worked in various capacities at a local theme park, her mother having worked there for more than a decade during the artist's childhood. Many years later, Sam also spent several summers working there as a Games Operator.

Capital World'appropriates the easily accessible narrative of a theme park to explore unwritten and often insidious rules of Capitalist systems. Sam's theme park is made up of 3 interactive games, a gift shop and a photo booth that gives you the opportunity to have your photo taken with the artist.

Drawing from her experience as a theme park worker, having being exposed both to the 'dream-like' world that theme parks offer and the manipulative tactics employed by 'amusement games' to get customers to part with their money, Sam invites participants to enjoy her own dystopian 'dream-world' system, presenting questions about Education, Feminine roles, The Minimum Wage, Fame, Commodity and Leisure time.

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